Safety Drills

  • Hold Drill

    A Hold means that staff and students are asked to remain in the classrooms and keep the hallways clear until a situation or incident is resolved.  Reasons for this can vary:

    • We might be assisting someone with a medical need or dealing with a behavior issue.  
    • We may want to keep our hallways clear until an individual can be safely and confidentially be assisted to the office or health room.
    • We may have a significant spill to clean up in a hallway.
    • A Building hold may also be used when local law enforcement is dealing with something in the community

    Lockdown Drill

    A school lock down is a procedure that is initiated when school officials believe that there is a credible threat to student and staff safety. All students and staff are kept in classrooms or other designated locations that are away from the danger and follow lockdown procedures. School personnel will also secure building entrances, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals leave or enter the building. Exterior lockdown procedures may also be used to ensure the safety of students when an incident occurs in the community. No one may enter the building during a lockdown.

    Evacuation Drill

    An evacuation occurs when students and staff are directed to leave the building and assemble at a safe location, either on-site or proceed to an alternate, off-site location.

    Shelter Drill

    A shelter drill occurs when students/staff move silently to designated interior tornado shelter area. Students not in their classroom move with the closest staff/class.  Wait for further directions from administration/law enforcement.