Google Apps for Education

  • The Kettle Moraine School District uses Google Apps for Education to support student learning. 


    What is Google Apps for Education, and why is Kettle Moraine using it?
    Google Apps is a cloud-based software, which means that the software is used entirely online. This software includes: Docs, Drive, Calendar, Email, and Sites. Here's a video that explains the basics of how Google Apps works:



    Here's an overview of what each piece is and what it can do:

    Google Docs and Drive

    What it is: Google Docs is a word processing software, similar to Microsoft Office products. Students can write papers, create slideshow presentations, and work with spreadsheets and forms. Google Drive is where these documents are stored.
    What it can do: One of the reasons we have implemented Google Apps is the ability it gives teachers to collaborate and work with students. Instead of waiting for a student to turn in a draft of writing, teachers can access student work (and give them feedback) through the entire writing process. Students can access their work on any device with an Internet connection, and easily collaborate on group projects by sharing the same document. Students could also use the integrated research tool to quickly look up information or automatically cite sources. 

    Google Mail

    What it is:
     Google Mail, also known as Gmail, is an email solution that allows teachers and students to communicate. *Note: not all students have access to Gmail, and privacy settings are determined by age. Some groups are not allowed to email outside of the organization, and parents can request at any time to change the privacy settings for their son/daughter for this tool (or any other tool).

    What it can do: Google Mail works directly with a lot of the other Google Tools, so a lot of tasks become more efficient when they are used together. Here's an example: teachers can create a quiz in Google Forms, send it to a group of students, and those students can fill out the form directly in their email. That saves a lot of time! Teachers can also email students about grades, homework, and can send files directly to students. The best part for Technology Services is that everything is backed up and archived- so we can easily keep a secure record of all communication that goes in or out.

    Google Sites

    What it is: 
    Google Sites is an online website creation tool.  Students can create portfolios or websites to show off their work.

    What it can do: Google Sites allows students to create websites easily. Building websites allows students the opportunity to create media specific to an instructional or portfolio purpose and can continue to customize and update as needed.