• What is KM Connect?

    • KM Connect is a public, virtual charter school in the Kettle Moraine School District. The mission of KM Connect is to provide a quality education and an engaging educational environment through academic excellence, positive community-building models, and growth in the Kettle Moraine School District Graduation Profile, with an emphasis on communication and collaboration.

    What is the instructional model?

    • KM Connect’s core instructional model is based on a seminar style of teaching where students choose new learning experiences aligned to standards or credit every 6 to 8 weeks.  Every student in KM Connect will sign up for seminars (classes / learning experiences) based on their interest and credit needs. Seminar options will change every session (every 6-8 weeks). Students will sign up for multiple seminars in every session.
    • These seminar choices will be made with the help of the student’s navigator (see below).
    • Each seminar will have designated, regular (multiple times a week), synchronous meeting times. While each seminar will not meet every day, learners will be expected to complete independent learning activities in between synchronous meetings. 
    • These seminars will be interdisciplinary and competency based in nature.
    • For more specifics, please visit https://www.kmsd.edu/kmconnect

    What is synchronous and asynchronous learning?

    • Synchronous learning is when learners and instructors are online together, interacting and engaging at the same time. Asynchronous learning is when students complete assignments on their own time, not live on a Google Meet with teachers or peers.
    • Synchronous learning and community building is at the heart of the KM Connect philosophy and pedagogy. Students will meet synchronously via Google Meet using their district provided Google account.

    How is KM Connect different from other virtual academies?

    • KM Connect uses synchronous and regular instruction. A student’s schedule will have regular meetings for instruction and synchronous engagement to develop a strong and positive learning community.
    • Synchronous learning as a primary modality is not a characteristic of most virtual academies/schools.

    How is KM Connect different from the other KM Charter Schools?

    • KM Connect is the only KM school that will have a curriculum offering credit on a grade 6-12 continuum.
    • KM Connect is the only KM school where online learning is the primary modality of learning.
    • Students in KM Connect will have a personalized flexible daily schedule. A KM Connect student will have a different schedule for different days of the week (i.e. M/W/F, T/Th). Different students will have different daily schedules, including when classes begin and end every day. This model is based on collegiate scheduling.
    • KM Connect will run on a different school calendar than other KM schools. KM Connect's academic calendar runs year round, with longer breaks built in throughout the year. Longitudinal research and data suggests this method minimizes content and skill loss and improves the mental and emotional health of students. 

    Can a KM Connect student engage in other district extracurricular activities?

    • Yes, a KM Connect student can engage in any and all district extracurricular activities, which include but are not limited to: Athletics, Clubs, Theater/Musicals, etc.  A KM Connect student, as for any KM student, must meet any prerequisite or requirements that are put in place by the coach/instructor over that activity.

    Is KM Connect right for my student?

    • KM Connect may be right for your student if: 
      • Your student desires a personalized, progressive, virtual learning experience.
      • Your student wants to engage in a challenging, collegiate-modeled curriculum and schedule.
      • Your student can preserve time each day for the scheduled synchronous meetings with their teacher(s) and peers.
      • Your student possesses strong time management and self-motivation skills.