• Teaching and Learning in KMSD

    The Kettle Moraine School District is committed to using rigorous and wide reaching standards that set the highest expectations for student performance and help prepare students for college, career and life. Personalization of learning has afforded students the opportunity to influence the standards, learning targets and competencies they would like to focus upon. Our personalized learning environments encourage students to reflect on feedback, self-evaluate, and be a partner in determining which standards are still needed to concentrate on to maximize learning.

    Student at the Center


    Curriculum: The state and national standards, learning targets, competencies, and learning pedagogy make up the curriculum. Each grade/course has a cover sheet (defined below) that outlines the intended standards/learning targets/competencies.  

    • Scope:The cover sheet lists all the intended learning.  This is the “scope” of the learning.
    • Sequence:This typically means the order in which standards/learning targets/competencies are taught.  Each set of learners may need a different sequence based on the knowledge they enter the course/grade with; therefore, a sequence is typically not provided to a teacher but is designed by the teacher for a specific set of learners. 

    Standards: The learning goals for what students should know and be able to do after instruction from a particular grade level or course as determined by state/national organizations.

    • Learning targets are the standards broken down into more specific skills or knowledge needed to meet the standard.
    • Competencies are statements that describe what the standard looks like when demonstrated (shown with collected evidence) and typically include elements of the Graduate Profile

     Resources: The tools used by teachers and learners to meet the standards/learning targets/competencies listed on the cover sheet. They may include (but are not limited to) books, websites, digital tools, videos, articles, live speakers, fieldtrip experiences, etc.  

    • Core resources: The tool(s) recommended by the District following a review process.  They are typically recommended to provide consistency across grade levels or because the resource has yielded significant success across many groups of learners. 
    • Teacher-selected resources: The tools that teachers create or select to meet the specific needs of the learners in the current class/grade.  

    Cover sheets and/or learning progressions:These are a Kettle Moraine, teacher-designed, list of learning targets needed to complete the course/credit associated with the class. It is derived from the standards.  It is the scope of the course/grade.