• AUGUST 25, 2021

    Transportation Mitigation Strategies:

    Our goal is to remain open for face to face student learning in the most effective way possible.

    There is not a state of emergency order for the county or for the state of Wisconsin, if that were to happen we would follow that order.

    • TSA is under an executive order as a security directive.
      • Executive order that directs TSA to follow CDC recommendations
      • Specifically, to mandate masks on buses
        • Security Directive legally enforceable
    • Schools function under State and County Executive Orders
    • Bus companies function under federal transportation orders and mandates. 
    • Districts cannot advise or decide what a transportation company should do.

    Distance-learning charter school

        Pursuing the idea of a distance-learning or virtual charter 



    JULY 28, 2021

    Hello, KM Families and Community! These Superintendent Updates were provided during the July 20, 2021 Board Meeting, which can also be viewed on our board broadcasts page. We apologize for a technical glitch causing us to miss the first 30 minutes or so of the meeting. Life/work is full of glitches and problem-solving and we appreciate your empathy/understanding!

    COVID kmsd 





    Monitoring report of social studies instructional plan review, alignment with legislative changes and state and national standards


    1. Will not teach that one race or sex is inherently superior to another
    2. Will not teach that an individual, by virtue of their race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive.
    3. Will not teach that an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment because of an individual’s race or sex.
    4. Will not teach that an individual’s moral character is necessarily determined by the individual’s race or sex.
    5. Will not teach that an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, bears responsibility for acts committed in the past by other individuals of the same race or sex.
    6. Will not teach that an individual should feel discomfort, guilt, or anguish based on their race or sex.


    1. Wisconsin Statute 118.01(2)(c)8 mandates that districts provide an instructional program designed to give pupils at all grade levels an understanding of human relations in particular regard to Native Americans, Black Americans, and Hispanics.
    2. 121.02(1)(h) requires each school board to provide adequate instructional materials texts and library services that reflect the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American Society.
    3. 118.01(2)(c)7 requires that districts provide an instructional program that will give students “an appreciation and understanding of different values systems and cultures.
    4. Case Law in Wisconsin insists that school districts foster respect and appreciation for diversity and must act proactively to remedy and end any racially hostile environment in their schools. Such action will necessarily include the discussion of race.
    5. Districts must continue to use appropriate teaching strategies to reduce racial disparities in academic achievement (Title VI of Federal Civil Rights Act), Wis Stat. 118.13 seeks to prevent discrimination against students in their access to educational opportunities based on race. Culturally responsive pedagogies affirm students’ social and cultural histories.
    6. KM is committed to teaching critical thinking as outlined in Kettle Moraine School District's Graduate Profile.