The district is providing KM families and staff information on the spread of COVID-19 in our community, district and schools. We are obligated by law to keep personally-identifiable information confidential. We are not allowed to release information allowing, alone or in combination, a reasonable person in the school community to identify the students/staff who are absent due to COVID-19 with reasonable certainty. Numbers <5 will be represented as *. 
    Student numbers will be updated daily at 9:00 AM with the previous school day's results. Staff numbers will be updated daily when they become available with the previous school day's results. This includes students attending our schools who do not reside in the school district.
    COVID-19 Impact on Students Enrolled Face to Face and Distance Learning in KMSD for         May 05, 2021
      Cushing Dousman Magee Wales campus KMMS KMHS campus
    COVID Positive * 0 0 * * 6
    Quarantine 21



    0 20 8 *


    COVID-19 Impact on KMSD Staff                     May 05, 2021
    COVID Positive 0
    Quarantine *
    The County dashboard is updated daily with additional information on the spread of COVID in our district, our municipalities, and in our county. Please note: the data reported for school districts is a geographic calculation and includes all children in the age groups identified, whether attending that particular school district, a private school or being home schooled. 
    In addition to all of the mitigation strategies outlined in our re-opening plan, our school district is working in collaboration with the Waukesha County Public Health Department to support non-household contact tracing.  The district monitors the overall Waukesha County numbers on a daily basis, along with census tract and municipality data. That information is available to parents through the county website