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    Winter Athletics Spectator Policies

    The Classic 8 Conference is striving to provide opportunities to our student-athletes to participate in sports while maintaining high safety standards and adhering to guidance from the state, county, and WIAA.  In order for these contests to take place, we are prioritizing athletes, coaches, officials, and essential game personnel at all contests.  The goal will be to phase in attendance for families and spectators throughout the season, and we will be evaluating that status on a biweekly basis.  We also recognize the wide variety of sites and locations that our events are being held and the potential challenges of mandating the same attendance policy at each.  The following guidance is being provided across the conference to recognize and respond to those differences.

    GENERAL COVID PROTOCOL: Please do not arrive too early to the event.  Social distancing rules are to be followed during the entire event.  Masks must be worn upon arrival and worn until official warm-ups have begun.  

    PLAYERS AND COACHES: Masks should be worn at all times when social distancing is not possible.  Masks should be worn by coaches and athletes who are not playing on the sideline and in the dugout areas.  During the competition, athletes may take off their masks.  Non-competing athletes can remain in the gallery inside the court area as long as they are masked and social distance.  If that’s not possible, non-competing athletes must move outside the fenced area.

    • Players should use their own equipment
    • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and use frequently
    • All athletes should bring their own water bottles.  Water bottles must not be shared.
    • Athletes should not congregate

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    The Classic 8 Conference Superintendents and Athletic Directors have determined that in order to do our part in controlling the spread of COVID-19 while also recognizing the importance of family support in our stands, the conference will only allow parents of the “home” school student-athletes to attend winter events.  Fans who are unable to attend in-person will have the opportunity to view events via live streaming coordinated by host schools.  Please note that all sites will charge admission for the winter season.  These guidelines will be evaluated early January by the conference.  Thank you for your support of our student-athletes during these unprecedented times.