• KM Global Covid-19 Updates and FAQ

    This page contains frequently asked questions regarding fall return to school due to Covid-19.

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    • Be sure to check out the District Opening plan and District Covid-19 FAQ.  The information below supplements the district plan.
    • Send any additional KM Global specific questions to Erica Bardon, school director: bardone@kmsd.edu


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Does the 9 week choice for Distance Learning or Face-to-Face (F2F) learning apply to KM Global?

    Yes, this is a district plan.  We will offer families the choice of distance learning or F2F learning. We will also have two options for F2F learning. One option will allow students to remain on campus all day. The other option will allow students to utilize our open campus flexibility for non-class meeting times. These students will need to set and maintain a consistent schedule for the nine week period. For example, if a student wants to stay at school during 2nd block but they don't have class during this time, they would need to do this every day. We can't manage students freely coming and going as it would be difficult to track their movement and exposure. 


    Will students have flexible learning time? 

    Yes, students who are F2F will still have flexible learning time. However, they will need to be in an assigned location and will not be able to sign out to other spaces in the building during this time. 


    Can KM Global students still take a legacy class?

    Yes, students can still take courses in the legacy school. There have been no changes to this policy. However, existing policy still impacts a students ability to take a legacy course. The course should not conflict with a required KM Global course/seminar and the course should not be offered in the KM Global environment.


    How will the students be socially distanced in Global classrooms given their unique set up?

    We will approach this in the same way across the campus - by using largest spaces available,  removing extra furniture, and creating as much distance as possible. In addition we may cap seminars to create as even a distribution as possible to keep numbers small.


    Where and how will students eat lunch?

    Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria, however we have moved from 2 lunch hours to 3 lunch hours. We are still working on locations and other plans for lunch. In addition, there have been modifications to the lunch service itself.


    How will you support distance learners?

    Distance learners will join class meetings in real time as expected by the teacher (i.e. if it is a class at 7:20 AM they may be expected to logon at a specific time in that class). They will have daily/weekly expectations to meet as communicated by the teacher. MyLC will be used to communicate expectations for each learning experience. Students may also have time to access teacher help via office hours during the week. The distance learning option will take more ownership from both parents and students for success.  


    What accommodations/changes are being made to address the amount of group and collaborative work that is generally expected of students?

    There will still be some collaborative work, but it will look a little different or be minimized. Learners are expected to be in masks. 


    Will students still be able to learn out in the community?

    Place-based learning may still occur for individual goals, however this will only take place with organizations that adhere to the guidelines set by the school district along with the CDC and Dept. of Health.


    Will Global students still move around the campus to classrooms/areas outside of the Global space?

    In the past students have been able to move locations more freely on a daily basis (i.e. trips to the library or to see a teacher for help). Moving around the campus will be more limited in all schools. Students will need to be in an assigned location/grouping throughout the day.  However, we will still utilize our facility for classes/seminars. For instance, for a science based seminar, the entire seminar may be scheduled in a lab. Students will also need to leave the Global space for any legacy classes and for lunch.


    What will midterm and defense week look like?

    At this time, we plan to go virtual during midterm and defense time. Students with scheduled presentations may do this in person or virtually. This will allow us to focus on student presentations and feedback, while also being able to support students in virtual workshops without exposing students to new cohorts.