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  • July 2020


    To all  KM Perform students and families,


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We hope you are staying safe and having an enjoyable summer. As you are well aware, the upcoming school year is going to look different, we have been working hard to implement planning that includes both the safety of our staff and students and while maintaining the spirit of the KM Perform artistic and interdisciplinary experience. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this environment. This letter will provide additional details on the district communication plans as they apply to KM Perform. 


    Annual Registration Process

    It is important that students/families complete the annual online registration process that will include learning environment preference for the school year. This information will be extremely helpful as we continue navigating scheduling/grouping decisions of students.  


    Choice of Learning Environment (Distance Learning vs. Face-to-Face Learning)

    During registration you can select either distance learning or F2F (face-to-face learning). Please review the district communication plan/resources as well as the KM Perform specific options below before making your choice. The KM Perform distance learning format resulted in a large amount of student credit last year. We are confident that this will be the case this year as well. 


    Distance Learning

    F2F (face-to-face learning)

    Families who select the distance learning option at registration will complete their school work off campus and attend any required class meetings virtually. 

    *This option will require more ownership from both parents and students for success. Unlike the spring, full day real-time attendance is expected. Some instruction will be delivered in the same hour as face-to-face instruction.

    Seminars series will be a little longer than usual, and there will be a few more records days* as well. In addition to face-to face seminars, each day may have some virtual seminars that are augmented with live teacher support.  Students will be able to work at school on these seminars with the support of teachers and even small groups of students (in masks, practicing social distancing).  The purpose of this is to still allow for the interdisciplinary seminars our students enjoy, but also allowing for additional credit opportunity the students will need if we are switching seminar series less frequently.  

    * for new students - records days are non-instruction/work from home days. 

    Select “Distance Learning” at Registration

    Select “F2F learning” at registration. 

    First Day of School


    The first day of school for all freshmen and students new to the district is Tuesday, September 1st. All students are expected to be engaged in learning on Wednesday, September 2nd. Students will follow their individual schedule as listed in Infinite Campus for any KMHS classes.  Additional details for the first few days of school will be shared via email at a later date.  During the first few days of school, students will focus on developing personal learning plans (including goal-setting and credit planning), proposing learning experiences, and building community expectations for the school year.



    Please review the links on our website for additional information on registration. We are looking forward to a great year. 


    Kevin Erickson

    KM Perform Director