5th grade students for 2023-24

  • We are excited your child will be a fifth grader next fall!

    For the past eight years, students at Kettle Moraine Middle School and on the Kettle Moraine High School Campus have had the opportunity to participate in the Technology Partnership Program (TPP). Starting in fall 2021, the program was offered to 5th grade parents and over 80% of 5th grade families chose to participate. We are pleased to extend this opportunity again to our fifth grade students in the fall of 2023.

    Through TPP, families and the Kettle Moraine School District (KMSD) share the cost of a Google Chromebook each student will use as part of daily learning. Our goal is to increase student engagement and ownership of learning by providing continuous access to online resources. KMSD is supplying the Chromebooks using funds from the general operating budget, not from any referendum funding.  

    Participating fifth grade families will have $75.00 added to their annual student fees for four years for each student enrolled. At the start of the school year, the student will receive a Chromebook, power cord, and insurance protecting the device from accidental damages. At the end of the fourth year (end of eighth grade), families will own the Chromebook. This program is voluntary and if a family chooses not to participate, the student will still have access to a Chromebook during the school day. However, those not participating will not have the option to bring the device home at night, on weekends or over school breaks.

    The expectations for the program and additional details are available in the TPP handbook.  Payments will be due from families each year during the back-to-school registration process. The program covers insurance and maintenance on the device for four years. With the change to touchscreen devices, our insurance program will cover the first damaged/broken screen. Any subsequent screen replacement will require a $100.00 deductible payment from the family. We plan to distribute devices at or before the start of the 23-24 school year.  

    Families who qualify for fee waivers are not required to make the payment and may still participate in the program, however they will not own the device at the end of middle school unless payments are made. 

    We are happy to address any questions you have about the program.  

    Bob Boyd
    Chief Information Officer
    boydb@kmsd.edu 262-968-6300, ext. 5351