• Learning in Kettle Moraine


    Elementary Learners


    Elementary student learning is guided by national and state standards. Our teachers break the standards apart into segments that allow each learner to know where they are on their learning progression.  This may mean that some learners will be providing instruction and practice standards or targets that are above or below their assigned grade level.  Multiple assessments and learning evidence guide these decisions.  

    The documents linked below provide teachers, learners and parents a roadmap to the learning.  Each teacher and group of learners use a variety of resources and strategies to reach these learning goals. An emphasis on leveled fiction and non-fiction texts and passages, scientific articles, primary documents from history and adaptive software are used throughout the school day and year. 
    English Language Arts Continuum
    Secondary Learners
    Secondary student learning is guided by national standards, state standards and post-secondary feedback. Our teachers break these broad standards apart into either learning targets or competencies.  These targets and competencies guide each learner and teacher to determine areas of strength and areas of need for additional instruction and practice. Additionally, our secondary learners and teachers are expected to align all learning to the Kettle Moraine Graduate Profile.  
    The documents that outline these standards and learning targets/competencies are provided to each learner at the beginning of the course, seminar or workshop.  Parents can get the information from their learner or, upon request, from the teacher.