Legends and Lore

  • This seminar is an annual collaboration with a local historical partner. In this seminar, students have the exciting opportunity to bring creative scare and flare to Old World Wisconsin's annual Legends and Lore event, with credit opportunities in English I, English II, Advanced Topics in Writing, Advanced Topics in Literature, and History and Humanities. KM Perform students research and produce performances for the popular local event for two weekends in October. 


     “Tonight the veil is thin between this world and the next. Troves of supernatural tales brought to Wisconsin over the generations come to life as you venture into the dark of the woods, encounter traveling performers around the fire, hear eerie tales performed by lantern light, and attempt a haunted maze under the light of the moon.”    - Old World Wisconsin


    With our Film concentration partner, Scott Curty from Curty Pictures, the video above was produced in an accompanying marketing seminar!