• KM Perform students earn competencies towards their college prep high school credit by taking fun and challenging seminars and workshops. The personalized learning environment at KM Perform means no student has a typical day!  But here is what a day might look like for you in your first year:




    Day Starts at 7:20AM

    Period 1 (90 min) - “New Student Cohort"

    Period 2 (90 min) - Symphonic Band

    Period 3A (45 min) - Seminar: “Mathematical Adventures: Measuring Athletic Improvement”


    Period 3B (45 min) - Seminar: “Solo and Ensemble Prep"

    Period 4 (90 min) - Spanish II




    Day Starts at 7:20AM

    Period 1 (90 min) - AP Human Geography

    Period 2 (90 min) - Seminar: “Twilight Zone Short Film”

    Period 3A (45 min) - Seminar: Mathematics in the Stone Work: The Infrastructure of Historic Architecture

    Block 3B (45 min) - Seminar: “Sing us A Song: The Life and Times of Billy Joel”

    Period 4 (90 min) - Elective Visual Art Course