Inclement Weather Information

  • The Summer Academy staff is prepared for all weather events that may occur. Below is a brief overview of our plans and your role in those plans.  

    • In the event of a severe thunderstorm weather warning, students will be brought inside to continue their classes in an assigned location. 
    • In the event of a tornado warning, staff will take students to their assigned shelter location and shelter in place until the warning is over. 
    • Please do not come to pick up your child if a warning is issued as all staff and students will be in a shelter location. Parent pick-ups during a weather situation create unsafe situations. 
    • Staff monitor the temperature and heat index. When the heat index rises to an unsafe level, students will be brought inside to continue classes indoors. Please be sure you are sending water bottles with students.

    If you need to contact the Summer Academy Office, the numbers are 262-968-6200 - ext. 5325 or ext. 5333.