Why the Need for Support

  • Low revenue limits that have not kept pace with inflation

    • State-imposed revenue limits (the amount a school district receives per resident student) have not kept pace with inflation (see Fig. 1). Additionally, KM’s revenue limit per student is one of the lowest in Waukesha County and the state, making it increasingly difficult to compete (see Fig. 2).


    Fig. 1

    Inflation Graph


    Fig. 2

     Revenue Limit Chart

    Rising fixed costs and declining enrollment

    • Health insurance costs are dramatically increasing, beyond inflation.
    • Building maintenance, utilities and transportation costs don’t change when enrollment declines.
    • Housing for young families in KM is not comparable with neighboring communities.


    Several cuts have already been made and efficiences have been found. (Learn about them here.) We are at the point of we are asking residents to help determine next steps.