January Athletes of the Month


    January Athletes of the Month


    Boys Basketball: Nate Jenkins, Senior
    Nate has been a real solid leader for our team. Has really been playing well and leading his team to victories!

    Alpine Ski Racing: Kiera Christensen 

    Kiera has been on the team for two years. She brings a lot of energy to the team. Just before the season started during early training Kiera had suffered a leg injury. This has kept her out the racing so far this season. But has not stopped her from coming to every Event/Actively with the team. She is there every week cheering on her team with amazing support. Kiera is the Life of an Athlete!

    Boys Basketball: Logan Ohm, Senior
    Logan has been really consistent in his effort in practice and games. Has been a great senior role model of consistency and effort!


    Boys Swim and Dive: Drew Millette, Freshman (not pictured)
    As a freshman, he has been committed to the program at leve you usually see in upperclassmen. His respect for teammates and the sport have made him a valuable asset this season.

December Athletes of the Month

  • December Athletes


    Boys Hockey: Malloy Murphy, Senior
    Malloy serves as Captain for the hockey team. In one class he organized a food drive that ran through November and December. Malloy is also one of the leaders for the food drive that we did for the hockey team and then delivered that food to the Waukesha Salvation Army.


    Boys Basketball: Nolan Dahmen, Junior 
    Nolan's leadership and play on the court have been phenomenal!

    Girls Basketball: Calli Huskisson, Junior
    Calli is one of our hardest working players and also the most enthusiastic and positive players on our team. Every coach would want a player like Calli on their team.


    Boys Swim and Dive: Alex Rader (not pictured)
    Alex's genuine concern for everyone around him both in and out of the pool.

November Student Athletes of the Month

  • November Student Athletes of the Month


    Girls Swim and Dive: Kaitlyn Michalek, Senior 
    Kaitlyn took a strong leadership role down the stretch run and set goals for the team as we headed into the postseason.


    Boys Hockey: Justin Rauser, Senior 
    Justin has just returned from a mission trip down in Costa Rica where he helped build three clean water stations for drinking, hand washing, and dishwashing for an elementary school that is struggling with money. He is also running firefighter workshops for freshman through health sciences. Through his health class, he has been going to Dousman Elementary to visit a student who wants to lose weight. Justin is a natural leader.  He also helped tremendously with our food drive and will be part of the delivery to the Salvation Army.

    Girls Basketball: Haley Guidinger, Senior 
    Haley was a leader in our pre-season workouts and is one of our captains this year. She works hard on and off the court to maximize her potential and is a team leader. Haley is a fine example of someone every coach would want on their team.

October Student Athletes of the Month

  • October Students of the Month


    Football: Hunter Denor 
    Hunter exemplifies what it means to CHOP the Wood.

    Boys Soccer: Blake Wilcox
    Blake is a leader on and off the field for the soccer program as well as in the weight room. He committed himself to our offseason programs and in turn that generated a lot of participation from other team members. He is a Captain who holds himself to a higher standard than those around him. He is a great student, and teammate. He is a 1st Team All Conference player and all-state player.

    Girls Cross Country: Ava Craven 
    Ava has shown growth in her ability to lead at a young age.  She is a great example of the work ethic it takes to succeed in the sport of cross country as well as in the classroom.


    Girls Volleyball: Brianna Dubry (not pictured)
    She has been playing very well in Volleyball and while we have some personality issues on the team, she has been above and beyond it and really working hard to keep the team out of the trenches.  In addition, she has been completing her CPR / EMS work at the college while going through the season and still maintaining her school schedule. I am very proud of the work she has done and commend her for all her effort.

    Girls Swim and Dive: Allyson Herman (not pictured)
    Allyson recovered from shoulder surgery to be able to race again.

September Student Athletes of the Month

  • September Athletes of the Month

    Football: Caleb Hotchkiss  
    Caleb is a great student athlete with faith and family as big priorities in his life.  He does things the KM Way - CHOPtheWood.


    Boys Cross Country: Cooper Albert 
    Cooper recently ran his best race this past week. He is also taking 4 AP Classes and is one of our Captains.


    Girls Swim & Dive: Amanda O’Malley
    Amanda never gives up and takes no days off from practice. She possesses a strong work ethic and sets a great example for the rest of the team.


    Dance: Shannon McDonald 
    Shannon always has a positive attitude towards everything and has a strong work ethic. She is always open to change and the first to offer help when needed. She also sets a great example for the younger girls on our team and is a true leader!


    Girls Cross Country: Maura Wondra 
    Maura has embraced the role of team captain through both leading by example and deed.  Her ability to reach all levels of athletes on the team is unmatched among a great group of overall team leaders.


    Girls Volleyball: Claudia Buchholz (not pictured)
    Besides being a multi-sport athlete, she has great character.  She is always asking questions and giving it her all. We changed a lot of how she has played the position and she has taken with great stride and pushed herself to get better.  Lastly, she is a great leader that leads by example. She works hard at practice as well as at games and works well with her teammates.