Great Start Conferences

  • We are excited to again offer the Great Start Conferences for the 2019-20 school year. Prior to the start of school, elementary students and their parents will have the opportunity to meet with their teacher for a one-on-one Great Start Conference  

    Please access sign-ups using the link below for your school:

    Both the student and at least one parent should attend the conference.
     Please plan to be at school for at least an hour for the opportunities listed below, to ensure a smooth first day of school.

    • Teacher / student / parent(s) meet one another to begin building rapport
    • Drop off supplies prior to the start of school
    • Discuss the best ways to communicate throughout the school year
    • Students may take a few baseline assessments
    • Parents will have the opportunity to connect with other non-classroom teachers such as specials, reading team, library media, guidance and special education.
    • Parents will have the opportunity to log in to digital tools that will be used

    School pictures will be taken after the conference (Link to picture information)

    Scheduling of your specific Great Start Conference will take place once class placements are released at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, August 5 in Infinite Campus. This will be done through the use of Sign-Up Genius. All Great Start Conferences will take place August 28, August 29 and September 3.

    If you are unable to attend during one of the scheduled Great Start Conference days:

    • Students should bring their supplies with them on the first day of school (September 4)
    • Pictures will be taken during the picture make-up day (scheduled later in September)
    • Student assessments will be done during the school day (as in the past)