• Summit Learning focuses on developing cognitive skills and content knowledge. Student grades are based on student performance on both cognitive skills and mastery of content knowledge.


    We believe that students will be growing and improving in their abilities throughout the year, and their grades should reflect and celebrate that. Grades show both the competencies students have as well as the growth they have made.

Grade Calculation

    • 70% of a course grade in English, Social Studies, and Science is based on cognitive skills assessed on projects.
    • 70% of a course grade in Math is based on math concept skills assessed on tests.
Summit Learning Grades
  • The grading policy holds students to the following expectations:

    • We expect students to submit 100% of their projects
    • We expect students to achieve grade level performance on cognitive skills
    • We expect students to pass 100% of their Power Focus Areas

    A student will earn an INCOMPLETE if:

    • he/she fails to turn in 100% of projects

    • he/she fails to pass of all his/her power focus areas

    • he/she has an average cognitive skill score below grade level

    The Summit platform will show A+ through C- grades.  These will be rolled up at the end of the year into the letter grade A through C without pluses or minuses.  A grade of D or F is the same as Incomplete and is not part of the grading scale.  

    Students will earn a final grade at the end of the year.