• Securly is a filtering system that allows the Kettle Moraine School District to do basic CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) filtering on district TPP devices when they are off the district network. This functionality was added to meet the requests of parents who have been asking for filtering ability since the Technology Parent Partnership (TPP) began.


    All TPP devices will have the following blocked categories due to CIPA:

    • Pornography
    • Gambling
    • Drugs


    The Securly Parent Portal allows parents to choose to block other categories for off-campus use:

    • Other Adult Content
    • Social Media
    • Anonymous Proxies
    • Chat/Messaging
    • Web Mail
    • Hate
    • Social networking
    • Streaming Media
    • Games
    • Health


    Securly Parent Portal Roll-out Information

    Once their child has a TPP device, Securly will send an email to parents notifying them that they have free access to the Parent Portal and SecurlyHOME app. Parents will then be able to filter categories and see their child's online activity. 

    If they wish, parents will be able to “opt-out” and they will not receive any future emails about the portal.

    Learn more:


    Link to Parent Login for Securly


    Home Filtering on Family-Owned Devices

    KMSD knows that your students use devices at home that are not a part of the TPP. Your internet and cellular providers offer many options attached to your current plan. However, the following are some other resources to help filter or control those devices at home.

    Circle made by Disney

    Net Nanny

    Open DNS