• How is KM Explore similar and different from other KM elementary schools?

    The KM Explore primary model is an Interdisciplinary, Generative, Multi Age learning school. This model is built on teachers and students working together to create projects and learning platforms that meet or learning targets and academic standards. Through seminars, workshops, independent and group projects, students work alongside teachers to combine Habits of Mind with academic content.  KM Explore focuses on using goal setting to meet academic standards and to further each individual child’s growth by encouraging an open mindset to learning.  


    Can I visit KM Explore during the school day?

    KM Explore hosts a visitation opportunity, followed up by a Q&A session on January 14, 2020 during our application window and is open to both parents and students. This hour visit, being held on January 22 this year, is typically more than enough for students and parents to get a sense of the school.  We do not host visits outside of our these times to preserve the schedule and continuity of the school day with students. This date will be published on the website in December.


    How do I know if KM Explore is right for me?

    KM Explore may be the right fit if...

    • As a family you are energized by the idea of a generative curriculum, in which students, community and teachers work together to develop or create “in the moment” learning experiences.   
    • As a family you understand and value a multiage environment, in which multiple grade levels are taught within the same classroom.
    • As a family see value in a larger classroom community led by two or more teachers throughout the day.  It is important to understand that while our student to teacher ratios are similar to all other district elementary schools, KM Explore classrooms are larger in space and number of pupils, and thus our classrooms tend to be busy with a non traditional look and feel.
    • As a family you appreciate and strive for community based experiences, understanding that learning happens outside the school walls and we are continually looking for ways to make an impact on the local community.

    KM Explore may not be the right fit if...

    • You are simply looking for an alternative to traditional school, without considering the place based learning, multiage, or team taught focus.