• Magee Elementary has had a long tradition of preserving the natural landscape on its 20 acre campus.  We are fortunate to have an active prairie which we maintain through brush cutting and periodic burning.  In addition, we have an oak savannah habitat that we manage by removing buckthorn and honeysuckle during our annual Earth Day celebration.


    Managing an area for invasive species is a long and arduous process.  Invasive species are specialists in propagating quickly, as well as, sprouting quickly from living roots after being cut down.  To maintain a healthy savannah habitat, invasives need to be dealt with annually to reduce competition to native plant growth.

    A new restoration strategy is being used, and Magee Elementary will be utilizing this tool during our Environmental Educational Experience: GOATS!


    The Goat Project is a Grade 3-5 seminar research program.  Before the goats even arrive, students have been engaged in investigating goats, native species, invasive species, and restoration practices.  The research will meet current information reading and writing targets, as well as, life science targets. As students gain knowledge, the students will become ambassadors to the project and lead tours for our Magee community.  The students would be able to observe the goats in action and take part in their care.