• Summer Acadamy
    May 5 update: Summer Academy 2020 

    Over the years, KM has been proud to offer a robust Summer Academy program to our community. This year, our summer programming is being redesigned to meet the requirements outlined by our local and state governments. Summer Academy will include virtual opportunities for learners in K-12 from June 22 through July 31. 

    We will have updated course offerings and re-registration information coming out soon that will meet the guidelines we are under. When possible, they will include previously offered courses that can be redesigned into virtual experiences. While some of the previous offerings will not be offered, additional options for elementary and middle school students may be added as well. We know you would prefer face-to-face learning during Summer Academy and that is our preference as well. That is not possible under current circumstances. To address academic areas and the “summer slide” we want to prevent, teachers are working to redesign classes for students who want to continue learning with the support of a teacher, an expectation our community has come to expect. 


    We understand Summer Academy programming impacts family planning for the summer. Our team is working as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to provide the best options for our community.

    Please contact Amanda Gill at gilla@kmsd.edu with any questions.