1. KM is building/designing modern facilities with a long-term vision, intended to serve student athletes and the community for the next generation. 
    2. KM is committed to minimizing future obstacles and disruptions of facility use. Project timelines will be designed to minimize the relocation of WIAA athletics as much as possible. Prior to breaking ground, KM will have written contracts in place for alternative practice and game facilities for all WIAA teams during the construction phase.

    3. KM is mindful of the district’s budget and limited financial resources. While athletic opportunities and community education are a crucial component of a well-rounded experience, the primary focus of our organization is student learning. The district will strive to make the most efficient and effective use of resources while seeking community partners for project components outside the district budget.

    4. KM is committed to utilizing modern, best practices in the construction of new facilities. Examples of these practices include establishing a minimum of seven fully-playable tennis courts to support a modern varsity tennis match, as well as a ninth lane for the track straightaway, which could not be retroactively added later.

    Project Scope for Phase II and Phase III (to be constructed concurrently)

    Tennis Courts - The KMHS Campus has six tennis courts, rebuilt in 1988, that are utilized by KMHS’ boys and girls tennis teams. The facilities are also utilized by physical education classes, community education and recreation programs, and members of the community. The courts are in need of rebuilding and will be relocated to the southwest corner of the campus adjacent to the main gym. The new site plan includes space and a rock base for 10 courts, plans for a minimum of seven courts during initial construction, with a goal of 10 courts, which would make the facility capable of facilitating WIAA and community tennis tournaments.

    Multi-Purpose Stadium - The KMHS Campus has a multi-purpose stadium, built in the early 1980s, which is the primary facility for football, boys and girls track and field, and boys and girls lacrosse. The facility also serves as a secondary field for boys and girls soccer and is heavily utilized by physical education classes, community education and recreation programs, and members of the community. 
    The stadium’s artificial turf was replaced in 2021. The rebuilding process will include the construction of a new grandstand bleacher system maintaining seating capacity at 2,500.  Bathrooms, concession facilities, and storage will be relocated under the bleachers and multi-purpose space will be added. The project also includes replacement of the existing track, with the addition of a ninth lane on the straightaway, and the replacement of field events.  Roughly 150 parking stalls, currently the lower-lot for student parking, will be relocated west of the stadium.

    How Have These Projects Been Prioritized?
    KMSD tennis courts were built in 1988, and the current multi-purpose stadium was built in the early 1980s. These two facilities were identified as in the most need of replacement in a comprehensive master site plan that was presented to the Board of Education in 2017.  The master-site plan can be found on the KMSD website.

    When Will The Project Begin?
    Major planning for these projects began in the summer of 2021. Prior to this time, the district did not have the financial resources to undertake either project. Additionally, the district was focused on providing safe and quality learning environments for our students during the pandemic.

    The district selected professional partners for the development of the projects in fall, 2021.   Based on the planning process since July, 2021, the district has identified a timeline that will begin construction with the rock base for tennis in spring of 2022, followed by demolition of existing tennis and multi-purpose stadium facilities in November, 2022 - following the close of fall sports seasons. Construction of the new tennis courts and the new multi-purpose stadium will begin in March, 2022 to ensure the new facilities are ready for use for fall, 2023 athletic seasons and 2023-24 academic year.

    Who are the professional services partners for the projects?

    The district has retained Fred Kolkmann Tennis and Sports Surfaces LLC to design and build the new tennis complex and Ellena Engineering Consultants LLC to work on civil engineering for the new tennis site.

    The district has retained Point of Beginning (POB) to do schematic and architectural design on the multi-purpose stadium, Ellena Engineering Consultants LLC to do civil engineering, and J.H. Findorff & Son as the general contractor for the construction phase.

    What is the preliminary cost of the projects?
    There are four phases in identifying the costs for these projects. Those phases include the preliminary price, pre-bid pricing, bidding process, and final scope/contract award process. As KM developed the master site plan in 2018, ballpark pricing was utilized as a means of illustrating the scope of projects to be undertaken. Based on those estimates, it was determined the projects were not viable (at the time) in 2018.

    These estimates were updated in fall, 2021. Fred Kolkmann Tennis and Sports Surfaces LLC provided a preliminary cost estimate for the construction of a new ten court tennis complex in the amount of $2.2 to $2.7 million. Findorff Construction provided pre-bid pricing for the new multi-purpose stadium in the amount of $7.4 million. These estimates were intended as a starting point for the project, before scope revision, and before private funding was considered.

    The district has identified $1.5 million in district operational resources for the tennis phase of the project and $6.5 million in district operational resources for the multi-purpose stadium phase of the project.

    How might the project scope change and/or be partially privately funded?
    The district has a long history of public-private partnerships to fund updates/repairs to KMSD outdoor athletic facilities. The district currently collaborates with the Village of Wales to share facilities for WIAA varsity and youth baseball at Wales Community Park. The district has previously engaged in fundraising campaigns to install and replace turf at the multi-purpose stadium, on softball facilities, and on practice fields. The community has also been able to raise approximately $81,000 for repairs/enhancements to district tennis facilities.

    The scope of the tennis project has already changed since the preliminary pricing figures were provided by Fred Kolkmann. The district has abandoned a potential strategy to use tension-concrete for a playing surface, and is actively exploring ways to repurpose existing lights, installed in 2018, from the current tennis complex.

    The projected updated cost for a 10-court complex is $2,000,000. This figure was updated by Fred Kolkmann in December, 2021, and again updated with pre-bid pricing by February, 2022.   The district is committed to building a minimum of seven courts. Any funds left over from the district budget of $1.5 million, along with private funds, will be utilized to expand the complex from seven courts to eight or 10 courts, as well as provide additional amenities on-site.

    Multi-Purpose Stadium
    The scope of the multi-purpose stadium is currently being revised to fit within the district’s $6.5 million budget. The major cost drivers of the project include the bleacher structure (for 2,500 spectators), the under-bleacher structure (with space for storage, bathrooms, concessions, and multi-purpose space), a track (with an expanded ninth lane for the main straightaway), field events, lighting, and site drainage improvements.

    Within the overall budget, it is anticipated the ninth lane of the track, the stadium scoreboard replacement, a new ticket/gathering plaza, and costs for converting storage space into multi-purpose rooms would be privately funded. As with tennis, costs over the $6.5 million budget will be privately fundraised, with the district utilizing competitive bidding to secure the best price possible.

    How will the District facilitate the Spring, 2023 sports seasons?
    The KMHS boys tennis team, the KMHS boys and girls track and field teams, and KMHS boys and girls lacrosse teams will be relocated from the multi-purpose stadium for the spring of 2023. There will be no disruption to the fall, 2022 seasons. The new facilities will be completed in time to avoid disruption to the fall, 2023 seasons.

    Ryan Tomczyk, Director of Athletics and Activities, is working on plans for spring, 2023 with neighboring districts. These plans will be finalized by January, 2022 and prior to any site-work beginning at either the existing tennis facilities or multi-purpose stadium facilities. Mr. Tomczyk will review tentative plans for off-site facility use with each of the sports impacted prior to executing a final agreement, and those plans will be clearly communicated to student-athletes and the community in the spring of 2022.

    What opportunities are there for community input?
    The district will continue to provide regular progress updates to the Board of Education on the project development, pricing, and construction of the new facilities. In addition to board reports, the district leadership team will facilitate public listening/input sessions every other month beginning in January, 2022. These meetings will be closely aligned with presentations given at board meetings and offer an opportunity to receive additional feedback.

    The district anticipates having listening/input sessions:
    January 2022        March 2022        May 2022        July 2022
    September 2022    January 2023        March 2023        May 2023
    July 2023        September 2023

    The updated project timeline is as follows:

    November 2022
    KMSD leadership team will provide additional information to the Board of Education including:  preliminary pricing for tennis from Fred Kolkmann, pre-bid pricing from Findorff for the stadium project, an updated project timeline, and the launch of the outdoor facilities FAQ.

    December 2022
    KMSD leadership team will receive updated preliminary pricing from Fred Kolkmann and an updated court layout for the new ten court tennis complex. The district will receive updated pre-bid pricing from Findorff for the stadium project. The Director of Athletics will share an updated plan for facilitating spring 2023 sports. The district will select a bleacher vendor for the 2023 bleacher replacement.

    January 2022
    Fred Kolkmann will provide tennis complex construction drawings and a rendering of the new facility. Bids will be solicited for the installation of the tennis rock base. A rendering of the new stadium project will be provided by Point of Beginning and Findorff. Preliminary UTSA grant meeting will occur.

    February 2022
    A contractor for the rock base will be selected. Pre-bid pricing will be available on the tennis project from Fred Kolkmann. This pricing will provide a specific fundraising target necessary to take the tennis project from a seven court facility to ten court facility. Updated pre-bid pricing will be reviewed on the multi-purpose stadium project. This will provide a specific fundraising target necessary to complete the stadium project with the current scope.

    March 2022
    The rock base installation will begin (weather-permitting) with topsoil removal. Mr. Tomczyk will present a finalized plan for spring 2023 relocation of boys tennis, boys and girls track and field, and boys and girls lacrosse. USTA grant application for 2023 tennis complex construction will be considered for submission

    May 2022
    Rock base installation for the new tennis courts will be completed.

    July 2022
    Project updates for pricing will be provided. A fundraising update will be provided to help inform how many courts are being constructed for tennis (minimum of seven), and what portions of the stadium project are funded. The bidding process for spring, 2023 construction will begin.

    August 2022
    Bids reviewed for spring, 2023 construction. Updated fundraising totals reviewed and scope for 2023 projects is finalized.

    September 2022
    Contracts finalized for spring, 2023 construction.

    November 2022
    Following the conclusion of the girls tennis and football seasons, existing tennis facilities and stadium facilities will begin demolition.

    March 2023 - August 2023
    Construction of new tennis and new stadium facilities. The timeline will be designed to ensure both facilities are ready for the start of the fall, 2023 seasons.



    Kettle Moraine School District received an independent evaluation
    of the home and visitor bleachers at Vock Field completed by JD Bleacher Services Dec. 1, 2021.

    The evaluations indicate the bleacher facilities’ condition as unusable and includes recommendations for repairs. The district will be engaging with our liability insurance consultant R&R insurance, liability carrier Community Insurance Corporation, and JD Bleachers to determine next steps to ensure our facilities are usable for spring, summer, and fall 2022 athletics seasons. 


    Vock Field’s bleacher structures will be removed following the fall, 2022 seasons as part of the district outdoor facility update projects.

    Most recently, the bleachers were evaluated in 2017 and maintenance was completed June 6, 2019.

    Internal district staff assess KM’s outdoor bleacher facilities annually. We have annually contracted with independent bleacher evaluators for indoor facilities as those bleachers have moveable mechanisms. Outdoor bleachers are fixed structures and have no moveable mechanisms.



    Click the link below to view a comprehensive list of documents including site analysis, project roadmaps, professional estimates and more.

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