2020 Scholarship Application

  • Update 3/14/20: Due to the school building closure, we have revised how students can submit their application materials to comply with the deadline of 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18. All materials may now be submitted online (see below for details). Questions can be directed to kmef@kmsd.edu


    1. Complete the KMEF Scholarship Online Application Form.

    2. Complete the  Activities & Statement Form. This is a Google doc. MAKE A COPY, title it with your FIRST AND LAST NAME, and share to kmef@kmsd.edu when you are complete.

    3.  Secure two personal recommendation letters from persons other than members of your immediate family. Teachers, employers, neighbors, and long time adult family friends are good sources.

    • Letters may be sent to kmef@kmsd.edu.
    • Include the student's first and last name in the body of the email.
    • They may be attachments, or they may be written in the body of the email.
    • If written in the body of the email, they must come directly from the letter writer's email address. If a student has an attachment already written by the letter writer, the student may send the letter to kmef@kmsd.edu

    THESE THREE STEPS ARE DUE by 3 p.m. on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18. You do NOT need to submit your transcript.

    Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Please review the checklist and make sure you have everything complete. If you do not provide all required items on the checklist, your application will not be considered. 


    KMEF Scholarship Fund will notify you by the end of the third week of May via US Mail whether or not you have received a KMEF scholarship. Some of the committees do not complete their selections before then. The Counseling Office will not have any information about recipients prior to the letters going out.

    If you do receive a scholarship, you are expected to attend the Senior Scholarship Program. If you need a letter for your employer to arrange an absence, we will provide one. It is very disrespectful to the donors to have the recipients absent for the scholarship presentations. If the student has not received an excused absence for missing the program, the scholarship may be forfeited to an alternate. This information is also included on the notification letters.

    The KMEF Scholarship Fund and its affiliated donor organizations attempt to provide assistance to as many KM graduates as possible. Students receiving large awards from the state or other sources typically are not chosen. Donor organizations and memorial scholarship committees set their own, sometimes rather specific, criteria and most select their own recipients. If you will be receiving scholarships and/or grants from your college or university (especially private schools), it may be their policy to deduct a KMEF scholarship from the money you will receive from them. This has happened to recipients in the past and it negates the value of the KMEF award. If you will be involved in athletics at a Division I or II school, a KMEF scholarship may affect your eligibility under NCAA guidelines. Please check these things out before you submit this application.